Root Canal Treatment in Ottawa, ON

Root canal treatment (endodontic therapy) in our modern Ottawa facility isn’t anything like what most people expect. If you’re looking for a high quality and gentle experience, there’s no need to see a separate Ottawa endodontist; we invite you to visit our Ottawa root canal dentist to find out how we can make the process efficient and comfortable for everyone!

What are Root Canals?

Endodontics involves the process of treating the inside (-endo) of a tooth (-dont) rather than the outside. Essentially, the root canal procedure involves the removal of the infected or traumatized nerve inside of the affected tooth to avoid internal deterioration of the entire structure. Without root canal therapy, the tooth would be completely lost.

You may need root canal therapy if your tooth has experienced:

  • Past trauma or injury (even if years prior)
  • A large crack or fracture
  • Severe tooth decay reaching into the nerve
  • Chronic pain and sensitivity
  • An abscess
  • Deep restorations that need to be replaced

Dr Cristin McCauley performs most endodontics here in our Ottawa dental practice, rather than refer patients to a root canal specialist. Not only is this usually better for your family, but it also helps keep root canal costs as low as possible.

What is the Root Canal Procedure?

If it’s your first time seeing a root canal dentist or you are considering seeing an Ottawa endodontist, your first question is usually about what’s involved in the procedure.

As with any other type of restorative treatment, our root canal dentist will first numb the area with local anesthetic. Next, an opening in the tooth is created to access the inner nerve chamber. The nerve tissues are carefully removed and then the hollow canal left behind is cleaned, medicated, and sealed off.

At times, a tooth can be so badly infected that it’s necessary to take an antibiotic leading up to the appointment. Doing so reduces the amount of inflammation, ongoing pain, and makes it easier to numb the tooth for a gentle treatment.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

At Parkdale Dental Centre, you can expect your root canal experience to be just as comfortable as any other routine filling or crown work. We take special steps to ensure an experience that’s exactly like what we would want for one of our own close family members.

Typically, the pain that is rumored to accompany a root canal is actually the infection in the tooth leading up to the procedure. If the inflammation isn’t managed properly, the tooth can be difficult to numb. Modern medication and technology make it possible to deliver gentle care that will help you feel better after your endodontic therapy than you did leading up to it!

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