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You can stop searching for, “kids dentist near me” because you’ve found us, an Ottawa dentist who performs pediatric dentistry at Parkdale Dental Centre, where you can bring everyone in the family.

As a general family practice, we’re able to provide a wide range of general and pediatric dentistry in Ottawa. There’s no need to visit various dental offices across town just to have your family’s diverse smile needs met. 

Our comprehensive list of adult and children’s dentistry services make it practical and convenient for your entire family to access high quality oral health care with a team of dental professionals you already know and trust.

Need a Dentist for your Kid in Ottawa?

As providers of kids’ dentistry in Ottawa, we provide therapeutic and prevention-based care that help your child keep their teeth healthy for life. From infancy and toddlerhood through the teen years and into adulthood, we’re your partners when it comes to a lifetime of healthy smiles. 

When you bring your child to our dental office, they’ll have a dental team who are committed to helping them look towards the future of their dental development. This includes tooth formation, jaw growth and alignment, speech and swallowing patterns, and integrity of their enamel. 

Working with a family dentist instead of one who only offers kids dentistry in Ottawa means that we understand your entire family’s smile needs and background. This might include traits that run in your family, genetic issues like congenitally missing teeth, medical factors and risks, etc.  

Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

Taking your child to the dentist at a young age can help them to avoid common and preventable dental problems such as tooth decay, orthodontic complications, emergencies, etc. 

Most dentists, pediatricians, and pediatric dental specialists recommend that children have their first dental checkup by the time they turn 1 year old or 6 months after their first tooth erupts(whichever comes first). 

The earliest appointments with the dentist usually entail a brief exam, depending on the comfort level of your child. These first-time visits help to create a positive experience where your child associates dental care with a “fun” process, rather than one linked with pain (which can happen if dental care is avoided until there’s a problem). 

Older toddlers and children can usually have a few “pictures” (X-rays) taken of their teeth, which help us evaluate tooth development and check for decay.  Once your child has a combination of adult and baby teeth, we’ll take a panoramic film to assess their overall oral anatomy and growth. 

Just like adults, we recommend a preventative dental cleaning for all children.  During this particular procedure, we will:

  • Gently remove plaque and tartar
  • Polish away tooth stains
  • Screen for cavities and gum disease
  • Perform a bite (orthodontic) assessment
  • Look for oral-functional irregularities, such as tongue thrusting
  • Discuss home care habits and techniques
  • Review dietary choices
  • Help with habits such as thumb or finger sucking

Additional Pediatric Preventative Strategies

In addition to routine children’s dental cleanings, some of the most important pediatric dentistry services that we offer include:

Dental Sealants — Children’s teeth are more prone to getting cavities in the deep grooves on chewing surfaces. We can place a protective cover that blocks out bacteria and makes brushing more effective. Sealants only take a couple of minutes to place.

Fluoride Treatments — Fluoride is a natural mineral found in various foods and water sources. When we apply fluoride directly to the surface of developing teeth, enamel can absorb the minerals and become more resistant to acids, bacteria, and future tooth decay. 

Athletic Guards — Is your child involved in athletic activities? If so, they’re at a significantly higher risk of injuries like chipped or knocked out teeth and concussions. With a custom-made dental mouthguard, your child can have the best level of protection during sporting events. 

Should You See an Ottawa Dentist Who Treats Children?

For kids’ dentistry in Ottawa, you can choose to visit a pediatric dentist or family practice, like Parkdale Dental Centre. Our family dentists provide general and preventative services for all ages, including young children and toddlers. 

We encourage families to bring their children to our office for checkups. If for any reason a specialized approach is needed, we can advise you in the next steps to take. 

What if My Child Needs Dental Work? 

Dental Fillings — Minimally-invasive fillings help prevent cavities from spreading into neighboring teeth. Baby (primary) teeth are not as strong as their permanent replacements. Catching tooth decay early is crucial for the future of your child’s smile. 

Pulp and Crown Treatment — An abscessed baby tooth can be dangerous for children. In rare cases, such infections can spread into the face and require hospitalization. Treating the nerve and protecting the tooth can help your child avoid pain and premature tooth loss. 

Extractions — Severely decaying teeth can pose a risk of unnecessary pain and infection to your child. Sometimes teeth need to be extracted because they’re interfering with normal smile development. If a tooth needs to be extracted, we often recommend a space maintainer of some sort to prevent any type of unwanted effects on bite alignment. 

Emergency Care — Seeing your child in pain is one of the worst things a parent can experience. Our practice is committed to getting your child out of pain as quickly as possible. That’s why we arrange to see most dental emergencies as quickly as you can get to our office. If the emergency occurs after hours, we encourage you to contact us via telephone for advice on what to do next. 

Where to Find a Kids’ Dentist Near Me

Parkdale Dental Centre is conveniently located in Hintonburg, Ottawa. We offer comprehensive smile care for all ages and every stage of life. 

If you’re looking for a children’s dentist, call our family practice. New patients are always accepted. Contact us today to request your family or child’s first appointment. 

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