Dental Services in Ottawa, ON

Our goal at the Parkdale Dental Centre is to provide comprehensive dental and oral health care as part of your whole body care. We treat people, not teeth.

Our recent clinic upgrades in both equipment and décor have been designed to enhance your comfort and dental experience.

Digital X-rays, both inside and outside of the mouth, provide instant and greatly improved diagnosis in a safe environment.

At the Parkdale Dental Centre, we want you to feel good about your smile, to be visionary with respect to your long-term dental health, and to be educated, informed and involved with all aspects your dental care with us.

Ottawa Dental Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening
Porcelain Veneers


Crowns & Bridges
Dental Implants Restorations

Dental Imaging

Digital X-Rays
Intraoral and Extraoral Cameras


General & Family Dentistry

Dental Exams
Tooth Cleanings
Composite Fillings
Amalgam Fillings
Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Appliances & TMJ Therapy 


Oral Surgery

Tooth Extractions
Wisdom Tooth Removals

Emergency Dental Care


Cracked Teeth
Root Canal Therapy

Contact information

383 Parkdale Avenue
Suite 409
Ottawa ON K1Y 4R4

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Hours of Operation

Monday: 7:30 am - 4 pm
Tuesday: 7:30 am - 5 pm
Wednesday: 7:30 am - 4 pm
Thursday: 7:30 am - 5 pm
Friday: 7:30 am - 3 pm
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED

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