Oral Appliances & TMJ Therapy in Ottawa

Do you struggle with headaches, worn teeth, or TMJ pain? Participate in athletic activities? Have a partner that snores?

Parkdale Dental can provide the right oral appliance for your needs. Whether it’s a nightguard, sportsguard, or a snoreguards, our custom fit mouthpieces are durable, comfortable, and effective.

Nightguards Protect Your Teeth and Jaws

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is a condition that causes pain in the jaw joint.  TMD symptoms can include headaches and ear-aches. You may even hear popping or clicking noises when opening your mouth, as well as having a restricted opening.  Hard to chew foods can cause the joint to hurt.  Fortunately, the dentists at Parkdale Dental Centre can provide you with a custom made appliance to help relieve symptoms.

Sportsguards to Prevent Dental Emergencies and Concussions

Mouthguards are a necessary piece of sports equipment and should be worn by athletes in any sport that involves impact or contact. A properly fitted custom mouthguard can reduce the rate of concussions and help you avoid damage to your teeth. If you or your child play a contact sport we can help with a custom fitted appliance that is made for your teeth, providing you with better protection than products sold over the counter.

Snoreguards for Chronic Snoring or Sleeping Disorders

Snoring can be caused by oral anatomy or weight gain, which leads to excess throat tissue that vibrates when you breathe. Genetic factors like having large adenoids, enlarged tonsils, and a long, soft palate, or uvula can also cause you to snore. Snoring can also be a temporary respiratory issue that’s caused by allergies or congestion. It can also be due to certain nasal malformities that prevent you from breathing through your nose.

If you wake yourself up from snoring, or your sleeping partner has complained about your snoring, consider getting a snoreguard. They are custom fitted, allowing them to work as early as the first night of use. Each acrylic appliance fits over your teeth to slightly protrude the lower jaw forward, opening your airway and allowing you to breathe more freely.

Whatever You Need, We’ve Got You Covered

Parkdale Dental Centre in Ottawa provides a full line of general and family dentistry services.  If you need an oral appliance, let us know! We can take impressions of your teeth and get your appliance made quickly.  Give us a call today.

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