Emergency Dentistry in Ottawa, ON

Are you in pain or suffering from a mouth injury? Finding an emergency dentist in Ottawa can alleviate your pain and help you save your smile. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, contact us as soon as possible.

Some common Dental Emergencies include:

Dental Abscesses: At the centre of your tooth is the nerveDeep cavities, trauma to your tooth, cracks or repeated dental treatment can cause the nerve to become infected.  This can lead to pain and swelling.  Typical treatments include a root canal or an extraction.

Broken Fillings, Crowns, etc.: If a large restoration such as a crown, bridge or large filling falls off, try to find the restoration.  In certain circumstances the dentists at Parkdale Dental Centre can reattach it.  Call us as soon as possible.

Swollen or Bleeding Gums: For items lodged under the gums, flossing works best. Minor swelling can often be relieved with a warm salt water rinse. Schedule an appointment at our Ottawa practice to have the area cleaned and examined.

Toothaches: Some types of toothaches come and go, while others are constant. Unfortunately, problems such as cavities or infected teeth do not heal on their own or with medication.

Chipped Teeth:  As soon as possible, locate the missing tooth fragment.  It may be possible for us to bond the fragment back into place, otherwise we can often rebuild the tooth with white colored tooth filling material.

Knocked-out Teeth: A tooth that has been knocked-out should be handled with extreme care so as not to damage the microscopic fibers on the root that aid in reattachment. Gently rinse the tooth in a bowl of water, being careful not to scrub it or touch the root surface.  If possible, reinsert the tooth into its socket.  Head to our office immediately. If you cannot reinsert the tooth, place it in milk or place it under your tongue on your way to our office.  It needs to be reinserted ASAP.

Dental Emergency Treatments in Ottawa

Looking for an Ottawa emergency dentist? Contact Parkdale Dental Centre today, we can help. New patients are always welcome! We will do everything possible to accommodate you promptly.   Is it after hours? We partner with the Ottawa Dental Society, who have an emergency dentist available around the clock.

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