Trust Us, You’re Not Alone & Don’t Have the Worst Teeth Ever

“I’m too embarrassed of my teeth to go to the dentist…”

image with care = empathy on paper for non-judgemental dentist postIf you’ve ever stayed away from the dentist because you felt like you had the worst teeth ever, you’re not alone. A lot of people are hesitant or afraid of the dentist because of bad teeth or chronic dental problems. If you’re one of them, rest assured that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. 

You’ll find Parkdale Dental Centre is an open and warm environment that makes it possible to relate to a team that truly cares about your feelings. Whether you simply need better teeth for a balanced diet or want to overcome your fear of smiling, we can help you get your dental health back to where it needs to be (no judgment here!)

Common Reasons People Are Too Embarrassed to Go to The Dentist

Some of the most common reasons that people avoid the dentist’s office include:

  • Poor or bad experiences with dentists in the past
  • Embarrassed by rotten teeth
  • Worried about the cost of repairing their teeth
  • Anxiety about having dental work done
  • Not having a dentist that they trust
  • Sensitive teeth and gums

One of the things our dental team has seen over the years is how phobic or anxious patients finally work up the bravery to see a dentist for treatment. Sometimes it’s because their dental pain has become so bad that there’s no other option. By the time they work through their basic dental care with her, they are no longer afraid of seeing the dentist! Changing your perception of dentistry and bettering your lifestyle is something that we pride ourselves in. 

Possible Ways to Treat “Bad Teeth”

If you feel like you have the worst teeth ever, rest assured that we’ve seen a lot of severe oral health cases over the years. One of the most fulfilling things that we can do for our patients is to help them overcome their anxiety or embarrassment of having missing and rotten teeth. 

Seeing the tears of happiness on our patients’ faces is just one reason why we do what we do.

More often than not, there are multiple treatment options to consider. As we work with you to focus on your goals and needs, our dentists will present the different solutions available to treat those conditions. For example, you may want to place fillings or crowns over decaying and worn teeth. Or, some people prefer removing their “bad teeth” and replacing them with a removable partial. 

The best thing to do if you’re afraid of a dentist (because of bad teeth) is to find a compassionate dental team that co-plans your care alongside you, rather than pushes you into treatments you don’t feel comfortable with. 

Will My Dentist Scold or Embarrass Me?

The last thing a great dentist will do is say or do something to make you feel even more embarrassed about your condition. Your smile is one of the first things that people notice, so if you’re too embarrassed to go to the dentist, you might be too embarrassed to do things like laugh around friends or smile in pictures. Compassionate dentists like the ones at Parkdale Dental Centre aren’t just there to help you “fix” your teeth; they’re committed to bettering your quality of life. 

If you haven’t found a friendly dentist for really bad teeth or dental phobia, we encourage you to visit us. Our judgment-free dentist office is a place where you can be yourself. 

How to Get Over Your Embarrassment

Believe it or not, 1 in 10 adults has severe dental anxiety (Bowman, Carlsson, Westin, & Hackenberg, 2013). The perception you have of your dentist may be what ultimately determines whether or not your mouth is healthy (Gillie, 2015). Having a healthy channel of communication with your dental provider is one of the best ways to achieve overall satisfaction in your oral health care (Schouten, Eijkman, & Hoogstraten, 2003). If deep down your biggest fear is feeling embarrassed to go to a dentist due to decay or bad teeth, the most important thing to do is choose a provider you feel comfortable with. 

One of the things we do at Parkdale Dental Centre is “meet you where you are” when it comes to your level of comfort and confidence in dental care. By developing personal relationships with our patients and being attentive to both physical and emotional needs, we can actively assist you in overcoming your fear and embarrassment of seeing a dental provider. 

Risks and Reasons to Get Treatment If You Haven’t Been to The Dentist in A Long Time

If you’re someone who feels too embarrassed to go to a dentist due to decay or bad teeth, there’s one important thing to remember: untreated cavities or broken teeth tend to get worse with time. They don’t heal themselves on their own. So, the longer you wait to finally see a dentist, the more complex (and sadly, more expensive) the treatment process will become. 

Even if you’re experiencing severe tooth decay, loss, or broken dental work, we can help. We’ll phase your treatment plan to fit your timeline, lifestyle needs, and budget. We want you to take every preconception about judgmental, pushy dentists and shove it to the side. Our commitment to changing your care experience is one that helps us set ourselves apart from the “scary dentists” you may have endured in years past. 

“How to Find A Non-Judgemental Dentist Near Me”

Have you been searching for “a gentle, non-judgemental dentist near me”? If so, your search is over! Our caring, friendly Ottawa dentists are here to put your mind at ease. We believe that everyone deserves healthy, beautiful teeth, and will do everything we can to help you overcome feeling too embarrassed to go to the dentist. If you’re on the search for a dentist (“for really bad teeth” you add) that won’t judge you, you’ve found the right place to visit. 

Contact Parkdale Dental Centre in Ottawa today to reserve a pressure-free one-on-one consultation with our team. 


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