dental bonding smiling womanOttawa, ON – When it comes to your teeth and how you want them to look, you have plenty of options.  Dental bonding could be the convenient solution to getting the smile you’ve always wanted.


What is Dental Bonding?

Composite bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that can make quite an improvement in the appearance of teeth with minor aesthetic flaws.

To begin the tooth bonding procedure, our Ottawa dentists will roughen the surface of your tooth to help the composite adhere properly. Next, we apply special solutions to the surface area to keep the composite in place.  Once everything is prepared, we will shape the moldable composite bonding material(white filling material) over your tooth.

After expertly crafting the restoration to fill in the aesthetic flaw, we use a special light to harden and permanently cure the material to your tooth. Then our Ottawa cosmetic dentist will fine-tune and polish the restoration to make sure it blends in with the surrounding teeth.


Reasons for Composite Bonding Procedure

Composite bonding is a less expensive alternative to porcelain veneers.  Both of these cosmetic treatments serve the purpose of reshaping and making a tooth look better. For example, if your tooth is small, slightly crooked, has gaps between them, or if it’s chipped and jagged, either of these procedures could possibly be a solution.

Many patients come to our Ottawa dental clinic because they have dark or stained teeth that they don’t like the appearance of.  Whitening may not always work for stubborn discolouration. Dental bonding could be a great alternative to achieve the brighter smile you’ve always wanted.  The material is available in a number of different shades, and together we can decide which is the best to use in your case.

If you’re looking for a complete smile makeover, bonding can be placed on most teeth that show when you smile.  

Composite bonding comes in a variety of shades.  Whether you’re looking to match your current teeth or want to brighten your smile first, our dental team can help you choose the shade that will look best for you.


How Long Does Composite Dental Bonding Last?

Bonding teeth can last for several years if cared for properly.  In order to get the most out of your investment, you should brush the treated teeth at least twice a day and floss daily.  This habit will help prevent cavities from developing around the bonded area. Smoking is also discouraged. Wearing a protective bite splint or night guard can help prevent chips from occurring while you sleep.  


The Disadvantages of Teeth Bonding

The reason you will want to take extra care of a bonded tooth is because cosmetic dental bonding comes with some disadvantages. The material can stain if not cleaned well, or if you tend to consume dark drinks like sodas, coffee, and red wine. Discolouration is also common in smokers, which is why bonding may not be the best option for certain people. If you use tobacco products, please be sure to let our Ottawa cosmetic dentist know during your consultation.

Bonding material isn’t as strong as natural tooth enamel, so there is a bit of care that you’ll have to take. Avoiding certain types of foods will help prevent your restored tooth from chipping. You should also let us know if you tend to grind or clench your teeth because this extra pressure can cause your bonding to break or chip

Staining or chipping means it’s time to have the cosmetic bonding replaced. Fortunately, bonding is relatively quick and inexpensive compared to treatments like dental veneers. Replacement will be needed every so often, so it’s something you’ll want to take into consideration when deciding if bonding is right for you.

One more consideration that comes with bonding is the fact that it won’t lighten if you whiten your teeth.  While it can stain, the shade that was chosen on the day of your treatment will not brighten when bleaching agents are used.  This is something that you should keep in mind if you’re hoping to whiten other teeth in your smile.

Before selecting cosmetic bonding, it’s best to evaluate your other teeth.  Perhaps you would like for all of them to be brighter. If that’s the case, then we may recommend whitening first, so that when we select a shade for your cosmetic bonding, it will be matching your newly bleached teeth. During your bonding consultation, let us know if you don’t like the shade of your other teeth so that we can take the necessary steps to prepare for your treatment.


How Much is Composite Bonding?

The cost of bonding one tooth is similar to what you’ll pay when getting a large filling.  Compared to a porcelain veneer, bonding costs approximately one-third of the price. Since the dollar amount can vary depending on your particular needs, you’ll need to arrange a tooth bonding consultation first.  Once we evaluate the condition of your tooth, we’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you or your cosmetic dentist suspect that you’ll have to get the bonding replaced several times, it could end up costing more in the long run.  It may be best to go another route. Though the initial investment might cost more, you may see better results with a porcelain veneer, which is stronger than dental bonding and doesn’t stain.


Cosmetic Tooth Bonding in Ottawa

If you need a cosmetic dentist in Ottawa, whether it be for a composite resin bonding or porcelain veneers, we invite you to see the smile team at Parkdale Dental Centre. During your consultation, we’ll discuss all of your concerns and provide an evaluation to determine if dental bonding is the best and most realistic option for you. Get the smile you’ve always wanted. Call now for a consultation.